Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Years Comes Early

As I enter the local mall (aka Walmart) I can't help but notice the large red and gold decorated tree just past the bakery. And although it's not yet Thanksgiving, and most people are rolling their eyes at the sight of the trees... I can't help but realize that Christmas is fast approaching. This prompted me to pose a question to my brother- "if it's to early for Christmas, is it to early for New Years Resolutions?"

While the answer remains in uncertainty, the question has started and, at the same time, confirmed an inner dialouge between me and God. We've talked for quite some time of my busy(sometimes insane) schedule of full-time work, worship team, youth leader, friend- and needing simplicity. And nothing could speak louder about my need to be intentional in my life than the load of clean laundry that's been sitting on the top of the dryer for two weeks, unfolded too. So...God and I have been talking...but as we know- "faith without deeds is dead."(James 2:26) And this is where the blog comes in.
For the at least the next year, I will be trying/learning/failing misserably/etc. to live simply and intentionally. This includes but is not limited to
1. sticking to a budget
2. doing things with a purpose, not out of boredom
3. becoming less of a consumer
4. cooking more, eating out less (i'll hopefully be posting recepies)
5. creating routines-not ruts

 And you the reader get to join me through this blog! Consider it my early New Years Resolution. Mazel tov!

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