Friday, November 19, 2010

So are you converting?

"So are you converting to Mennonite?"
"What's up with the hat?"
"Love the hat!"
"silence....try not to stare...."
silence......I'm staring.................................................................

All comments (or my guess at what people are thinking) from this week. Ah yes, i took the plunge and started wearing my homemade coverings (kapps).

Day 1, Sunday evening.
When I am not busy on Sunday evenings I like to attend services at the local Episcopal church. I did not grow up Episcopal, rather as a mostly Assemblies of God child (my older brother is more of the denominational mutt). All the same, I love the idea and practice of liturgy. So after a facebook conversation with my brother, i decided to wear my kapp to the Episcopal church. It was a big step, and the closer i got to my front door and the outside world the more nervous I got. I beat feet out to my truck, and drove to the church and got out of the truck.....
Me- I can't believe I'm doing this
        This is a little more embarrassing that i thought it would be.......maybe i should rethink this......oh gosh                I just want to get into the church......ugh, i am so embarassed!
Thought sent from God-  "many people have suffered much more than humilliation for much less"
Me-.............. um, oh gosh..........ok...thanks...puts this into a better perspective.....

Day 2, Monday at work

I car pooled to work with my housemate and neighbor/coworker. Although I know he saw plain-as-day what i was wearing, DC didn't say a word. This was unusual for him, for he will jump at any chance to tease or provoke. (his wife says he only teases the people he likes...i think that is the dumbest excuse ever) Turns out he was chicken. The first comments were made at luch. I was in the kitchen with two other people and one turns to me and askes "so are you converting to Mennonite?"
I set my lunch on the table and sat down to eat. P is a nice guy who has a huge family and probably lives as close to the "Plain" lifestyle without actually being plain. "Amy, I have to ask you about your hat there." And I knew he was seriously interested. So i explained, and he knew where i was coming from. And that's when DC decided it was now ok to tease. :P

And the rest of the week went about as normal.
You know there was one thing I didn't think through when I started this little project.....everyone noticed when i started wearing my covering...but they are especially going to notice when I'm not wearing it! Talk about accountability!

For those interested, below are pictures of my homemade coverings. I made up the pattern and they are more Amish style than Mennonite...but I like them :)

                                              Side view of the muslin everyday/work covering

                                                                            back view

                                                        side view of organza "church" covering

                                                                        back view
Mazel tov!

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